• Watercolors

    I’ve always enjoyed watercolors because along with my creativity, watercolor art has an awesome way of making its own masterwork. On occasion, I’ve started out with a picture in mind, only for it to turn into something completely different, yet exceptional thanks to something as simple as a slight imperfection of my brush. Here are …

  • Rock Art

    During my daily walks on a wonderful trail near my home, I would come across interesting rocks with smooth surfaces. Those rocks would become new and interesting canvases to express my ideas. (For purchase queries, visit the “Contact Me” page)

  • Chalk Art

    Working with chalk has become a very interesting project due to its changeable nature. The ability to transform an entire project without completely starting over is always nice change of pace. But what makes chalk art most interesting is its subtly. (For purchase queries, visit the “Contact Me” page)

  • Miscellaneous

    Here are some of my various works – from doodling to banners for birthday parties, it’s all here. (For purchase queries, visit the “Contact Me” page)

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